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We want you to be well prepared for a summer at camp! Please read through these questions and answers to get a better look at what you need to know as you prepare for camp.

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If you are traveling from NYC, take the train from Grand Central Station to Wassaic Station


Fly into a New York area airport

JFK Airport Arrivals
  1. Take the E train to 53rd STREET LEXINGTON AV.

  2. Walk from Lexington Av to Grand Central Terminal

  3. Take the Metro North Train to Wassaic Station

Detailed Instructions for JFK Airport Arrival:

  • Follow the signs to “Ground Transportation” or “Airtrain”. If you need assistance, please ask at the ground transportation information desk in the airport.


  • Upon arrival, locate a ticket machine and follow the instructions to purchase a metrocard to pay for your Airtrain AND for one ride on NYC Subway

  • Use your metrocard to exit the Airtrain station then follow the signs downstairs to the NYC subway station.

  • Follow the signs to the ‘E’ Train towards ‘World Trade Center’.

  • Take the E train to 53rd STREET LEXINGTON AV. which will take around 40 minutes. For a beginners guide to NYC Subway visit

  • Upon Arrival to Lexington Av. proceed out of the station and begin to walk down to E 42nd Street and turn right to follow the road to Grand Central Terminal.

  • When you arrive at Grand Central Terminal, proceed to the METRO NORTH TRAINS ticket counter and purchase a ONE-WAY ticket to WASSAIC STATION. You will be picked up by a camp staff member at Wassaic Station. For ticket prices and more info on METRO NORTH TRAINS visit

  • Please keep your train ticket receipt so camp can reimburse you.



All staff employed as Cabin Counselor/Activity Instructor as stated in your Agreement of Employment will instruct three out of four classes a day, Monday through Friday. A number of staff will be asked to instruct four classes each weekday and given an additional hour off (Optional Rec).

If you have indicated “Able To Lead” or listed a “#1” next to an activity on your application, it is likely that you will be assigned to teach this activity for at least one period a day and you may be the sole instructor for that activity. You may even teach this activity all three periods. If you are not teaching your number one skill, you will be assigned to classes based on the level of expertise you have listed on your application.

Activity lesson plans are created by our Program Director prior to the summer season. If you are teaching activities that you feel incredibly passionate about and would like to create additional, personalized lessons, you are welcome to do so and have them approved by our program directors.

Activity instructors need to prepare plans for rainy days and for days when adaptations are required due to extreme heat. We do expect that classes will be well planned, progressive in nature in order to meet the needs of campers who have previously taken that class, age appropriate, challenging, safely conducted, and fun. Activity instructors are expected to be involved with the classes, not sitting on the sidelines. Our goal is for each participant to feel that her time has been well spent in your class, that she has increased her personal proficiency in that particular activity, that she has enjoyed learning from an excellent role model, and that she be eager to return to class the next day.


Optional Rec is available from 4 to 5pm Monday through Saturday, and 12 to 5 pm on Sundays.

During optional rec, staff are assigned to various areas of camp to supervise campers or to provide an activity. All lifeguards and other staff who have demonstrated a proficiency in swimming or boating are usually assigned to the waterfront. Other staff are asked to run “Specials”. These are activities that you prepare and offer to campers that are not offered during the activity classes. Some examples include a session in Irish step dancing, a frog hunt, or a tetherball tournament. Other staff are assigned to be ODs (Officer of the Day) in each Unit to supervise campers who stay in their cabins. Some staff will be assigned to prepare a one hour crafts program. Riding staff may be assigned to the stables for this time period depending on the number of lessons being taught that week. There are also staff assigned to play recreational sports, tennis and supervise farm activities.

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