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Patrick's CEO Corner

Winter 2023

As the birds still chirp and quietness of winter starts to creep in, the odd roar of large excavators and trucks is now a constant among the daily sounds at Mohawk.  The Jawak Shower house construction has begun!  The land has been cleared and soon we’ll dig out the foundation.  There will be a huge group effort to get this done by late June. 

Opening day for 2024 is looking similar to 2023 with enrollment.  We’re just ahead of last year at this point, which is a great sign.  We’re months ahead of staffing.  Mikayla started staffing right away this off-season.  We have almost all of our Support Staff as well as Counselors.  At this rate we’ll be nearly fully staffed by March. 

I’m thrilled that we will be very close to reaching our fundraising goal of $150,000.  As I’m writing this we’re just $10,000 short with 2 weeks to go.   Thank you to all that were able to support our annual campaign.  As we see how many projects we are committed to accomplishing, we know the larger base of donors gives us a chance to fund those projects and never take out a loan. 

Jo Anderson and I are working on a Dream Book, which will contain pictures, renderings, blueprints and prices of all the projects in the years to come.  The list is a result of our master site plan which took two years to complete.  I’m thrilled with the outcome and now realize my job changes to fundraising and construction manager. 

We are loving the normal hours and the short days.  I’m looking forward to a bit of snow (once we pour the concrete).  Enjoy the Holidays and please remember to light a candle on New years Eve.


May the spirit last a lifetime,



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