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Capturing Memories: Alumni Weekend Through the Lens

Get ready to stroll down memory lane as we share a delightful array of photos from the Labor Day Weekend Alumni Reunion in 2023! From heartwarming reunions to laughter-filled moments, these snapshots capture the essence of the fantastic time we all had during this unforgettable weekend.

Sisters Wendy Smith and Karen Smith Luttenberger

Former Staff Cabin mates Chiquita Schellinger Myers, Cathy Horne, and Alicia Sillars Comesana-Villa

Sue Hoffspiegle Elberg, Doris Renzo, Suzanne Howard and Liz Johnson Gregonis looking at old photos

Sheila Wulf and Doris Renzo

(front row) Maeve Molloy, Alicia Sillars Comesana-Vila, Dana Lawrence Quinn; (back row) Emma Comesana-Vila, Christy Schilling, Chloe Comesana-Vila

MJ Curtin May, Robin Jones, Wilber Pike, Roger Coutant

Alicia Sillars Comesana-Vila and her daughters Emma and Chloe with Fran Marchand

Suzanne Howard, Liz Johnson Gregonis, Sarah Doyle McCormack, Pam Fuhrman Gorgone

MJ Curtin May, Sue Hoffspiegel Elberg, Pam Fuhrman Gorgone, Robin Jones, Karen Smith Luttenberger, Christy Schilling


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