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What was your most memorable camp costume?

Alumni Question of the Quarter: Fall 2023

Mohawk has always afforded its campers the opportunities to grow and try new things. From overcoming homesickness and navigating new social circles to exploring acting, art, sports and nature, there is always so much packed into a single hour of camp. With all that Mohawk brought to your life, what was your biggest camp milestone? Send us an e-mail at or leave a comment or share a picture on the Question of the Quarter thread in the Camp Mohawk Alumni Association Facebook group.

Last quarter, we asked Alumni to tell us their most memorable Camp “costume.” Below are some of the responses we received on the Camp Mohawk Alumni Association Facebook page—come join the discussion!

What was your most memorable camp costume?

Rick Corbo and Tierney Steele Callaghan

Rick Corbo: I always looked forward to Ugly Tie Days! I was pretty proud of my collection.

Tierney Steele Callaghan: And mine made out of office supplies!

Rachel Thomas, Sarah Smith & Christina Meija Pennell

Liz Lynn: I recall standing in line at breakfast flag raising and accountability cabin check, with all everyone wearing their underwear outside their tops and shorts. Good times.

Sarah Smith: During meals at the staff table, I used to make a mask with a napkin to make everyone laugh. When Superhero Day rolled around, it seemed only fitting that Napkin Man and Napkin Girl get their time in the spotlight.

Patrick Telman: I remember 4 counselors dressing up like skunks to be judges for the for the talent show. We had a skunk infestation problem that summer.

Zola Bowie being confused by it all and saying "I thought they were KISS!"

Rachel Thomas: I used to love getting dressed up when we had to be judges for talent show. Baywatch, The Village People, and a lion for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” are some of my favourites


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