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Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Gaston

If you’ve been to Camp for a recent Alumni Reunion or Spring Work Day, you may have met a wonderful young woman named Nicole Gaston. Sometimes at archery, sometimes at the waterfront, but always wherever Patrick needs her, Nicole is willing and able to take on anything. If you haven’t met her yet, keep an eye out for her during your next visit to Camp!

Nicole comes from West Haven, CT, and was a relative latecomer to Mohawk, arriving as an Oscadee in 2015. But the Mohawk Spirit was strong in her from the beginning. After three years as a camper, Nicole was a CIT in 2018, moving up early to a JC position at the end of that summer. As a Counselor, Nicole worked in every unit from Jawaks to Seniors. She was even one of the few who worked at Day Camp during the COVID summer of 2020. In 2023, Nicole was given the awesome responsibility of leading a group of Seniors for a week away from Camp in the popular Cape Cod program. As she humbly puts it, “Patrick & Mikayla often gave me opportunities to rise to a challenge.” It’s obvious Mohawk’s leadership respects Nicole’s maturity and good nature, and has complete trust in her abilities. In turn, Nicole says she appreciates the challenges, support, and their urging her to be her best.

Nicole also volunteers at Camp whenever given the chance. She shows up pre-season to put docks together on the waterfront or help in whatever way to prepare camp. She’s there on Work Days every year and she helps out with the post-season groups (such as the Alumni weekends).

Nicole is a recent graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University where she majored in Political Science and minored in Pre-Law. She is on her way this summer to Syracuse University for a Master’s Degree in one of the country’s best programs in Public Administration. But that’s just the beginning for Nicole. She is dedicated to becoming a lawyer (like both her parents), and then…look out world! She plans to enter the political arena with the early goal of serving as a Senator or Representative, on her way to becoming President.

Nicole is already making steps towards these goals. She currently works in the West Haven City Hall. She gave up her Senior year on the Lacrosse team to work as an intern with Connecticut Congressman John Larson. While in his Hartford office, she worked on his campaign, learning about fundraising and event planning and she met and mingled with Representatives from around the state. She also did temporary work with the Secretary of State during the last election.


Like so many of us, Nicole credits Mohawk with changing her life. The responsibilities she’s been given, the close friendships, the guidance, the lessons in handling the up and down times, and her personal growth because of her camp experiences have helped shape her into someone who wants to work hard, serve the public, set challenging goals, and lay out a plan to reach them.

Keep an eye out for her at Camp and beyond-Nicole is definitely going places!


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