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What makes Mohawk so special?

Alumni Question of the Quarter: Spring 2024

Little Library by the Brook

Did you know that, thanks to author and alumna Liz Delton, Camp Mohawk boasts its own Little Library?  Camp Mohawk’s Alumni Engagement Committee would like to help get this little piece of Mohawk ready for the summer by filling its shelves with some kid-friendly literature.  There’s nothing better than reading a great book by Mohawk’s brook or in its bunks. 

Do you have any favorite books you think a camper might enjoy this summer? Send us an e-mail at or leave a comment on the Question of the Quarter thread in the newly renamed Camp Mohawk Alumni (Litchfield, CT) Facebook group.

Last quarter, we asked Alumni to tell us what makes Mohawk so special to them.  Below are some of the responses we received on the Camp Mohawk Alumni Facebook page—come join the discussion!

What makes Mohawk so special to you?

Bonnie Jones Schorske: Looking back to the mid 1950’s to early 1960’s, what was probably the most significant impact of the Mohawk camp experience was that it empowered young girls to be all they could be and to have faith in themselves.  This empowerment included individual skill development as well as community building.

Laura Maturo: As a child (and now adult!) with ADHD and autism, it was super hard for me to fit in anywhere. I was a camper from 1991-2003 and even back then, when so many other places had no idea how to "handle" neurodivergency, Camp Mohawk not only accepted me, but they didn't try to "fix" me and I was allowed to be authentically myself. As an adult, I know I can let down my guard when I go to camp and I can be the most authentic version of myself. It's such a relief. Authenticity, empowerment and inclusivity - it's a powerful combination.

Sarah Smith: My childhood was a little chaotic. Camp provided a wonderful stability that I could rely on every summer, providing fun, new experiences, and calm.  My adulthood is chaotic in different ways, but even now, when I drive down that dirt road, I feel my blood pressure dropping and I know something great is about to happen.


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