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Introducing the Mohawk Spirit Society

We are excited to formally introduce you to The Mohawk Spirit Society. Society members are those that have confirmed their long-term commitment to the mission of Camp Mohawk by planning a gift bequest in their wills and estate planning to help children and families benefit from a Camp Mohawk experience for many years in the future. The Mohawk Spirit Society is a vital part of the long-term financial stability of Camp Mohawk.

Our 2023 goal is to add 20 people to our current list of Mohawkers who have chosen to leave a legacy with us. Our overall goal is to ensure that every dollar donated through The Mohawk Spirit Society goes directly into our Endowment Fund. Over the next twenty years, we hope to have five million dollars in our endowment fund. This will provide Mohawk with a safety net in case of another business halt, giving us little worry about our future.

We encourage you to consider becoming a member of The Mohawk Spirit Society and leaving your own legacy with Mohawk.

During the Alumni Reunion (Labor Day Weekend 2023) we plan to have a section of the Rec Hall dedicated to the Mohawk Spirit Society, where we will provide education and answer any questions you may have about becoming a legacy member. If you are unable to attend the Alumni Reunion, please visit our website or call the camp office for more information.


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