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What job would you pick if you could return to Mohawk as a staff member this summer?

Alumni Question of the Quarter

Throughout the decades, Camp has always provided us with endless opportunities to dress to impress: Pajama Breakfast, Wacky Hair Day, Color Wars, and talent shows to name a few of literally HUNDREDS. What was your most memorable Camp “costume”? Send us an e-mail at or leave a comment or share a picture on the Question of the Quarter thread in the Camp Mohawk Alumni Association Facebook group.

Last quarter, we asked Alumni to tell us what job they would pick if they could return to Mohawk as a staff member this summer. Here are some of the responses we received on the Camp Mohawk Alumni Association Facebook page—come join the discussion!

What job would you pick if you could return to Mohawk as a staff member this summer?

Jen Nauen: Mohican counselor, but only if Nikki May and Sandi May Hollar come back too.

Nikki May: Obviously I would come back and teach Arts & Crats! I don’t even need a cabin if there’s a nice flat place for me to park my Skoolie [bus converted to a camper]

Carolyn Harriston: Head chef for me. But I would also teach a basic cooking/sautéing class as one of the activities.

Liz Delton: Drama production and photography. I’d love to get back in the dark room.

Kelsea Snelgrove: Put me back in a cabin!! I loved being a counselor- maybe that’s why I’m a teacher lol. I jokingly (only about 10% joking) told Patrick last summer he should just put me to work for the session my daughter is there. Partly because we live in SC and it is a trek going back and forth, but mostly because I miss it.

Rachel Thomas: The stables always!! Best summers of my life, I would love to run away to camp.

Rebecca Tillotson Meidinger: Whatever is needed. Office staff, counselor, farmer, lifeguard. I’ll even paint buildings. I just want to run away to Camp!

Lucy Effron: I’d like a do-over as a unit leader (I think I’ve learned a lot about leadership since that first experience) but only if I can share the staff cabin again with Betsy Cooley and Lynne Ann.

Laura Anne Maturo: I always wanted to work at the stables - the sound of the horses is so soothing! And I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t mind the smell at all!

Dana Lawrence Quinn: Just sign me up as a camper! No responsibility except to go to my classes (horseback riding, sailing, canoeing, archery), be a good camper and a friend to all!


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